Our Mission

We share the Bliss experience by offering nourishing & loving foods that heal, energize, and empower the individual & community. In all our actions, we are in pursuit of creating the mood of goodness, love, and compassion to share Bliss with as many lives as we can.

The Network Front Entrance from Higuera Street

Bliss Cafe Rear Entrance from Mission Plaza

Tucked away from the vibrant energy of downtown San Luis Obispo, Bliss Cafe offers a creek-side retreat and a variety of high-quality plant-based and gluten-free dishes. Every meal features fresh, local and organic ingredients to nourish your body and spirit. For an energizing treat, indulge in a nutrient-rich dessert or a glass of locally-brewed kombucha on tap. Bring a friend, bring a book, or just bring an appetite for Bliss.

Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Wednesday : 10A – 8P

Thursday – Saturday : 10A – 9P




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What our guests are saying

Best food in San Luis Obispo in the truest sense of the word food. While being present within this space both my body and spirit are nourished. Beautiful people work here with authentic smiles and kind presences. Bliss is bliss.

Sam D.

San Luis Obispo, CA

Bliss is bliss. We loved it. We like to check out the juice bars wherever we go. I am an avid juicer and Vitamixer pretty much everyday, but a girl likes to try some new stuff sometimes.

Danielle G.

Las Vegas, NV

So if my reviews don’t reveal it already…I’m not vegan. I’m not even vegetarian. But oh my gosh, call me Carrot Top because I am starting to fall in love with being a veggie because of places like Bliss Cafe.

Danielle G.

San Diego, CA

The Bliss cafe is hidden. Hidden in the back of a mall . Hidden by a creek with a view of the Mission San Luis Obispo. It is definitely worth finding. The happy, engaging, friendly staff is ready to create vegetarian and vegan productions that are top quality, tasty and satisfying.

Charlie C.

Atascadero, CA